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Hi Everyone!!  

Can you believe that we have made it to Thanksgiving?  I didn't think we could do it, but we did.  Tomorrow we will hit 50 days of successfully being in school.  Most districts in the state have not been able to do what we have done so you should all be proud of yourselves.  Makek sure that we stay the course and stay safe over the next several weeks. There is a surge expected but I think if we are all vigilant, we should be ok.  I know we can do this!  

There are a few big events coming up: 

picture re-takes are Wednesday, December 2nd

The first term ends on December 11th with Report Cards and progress reports going home on December 18th.  

The last day of school before the holiday break is December 23rd.  Dismissal will be at 11:00AM.  

**************Message from Mr. Fusco ***********

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

The last day of school is June 17th!!  

June 8, 2020photo.PNG

Hello Veterans’ Families,

I hope that all of you are safe and healthy.  This has certainly been a tumultuous time for everyone so I want to start off by saying thank you to all of the students and families that have been working so hard to stay actively engaged with their teachers and their schoolwork.  All of us realize how difficult this has been for everyone so your efforts are appreciated.  Considering that we only have two weeks left, there are a few events planned that we hope will show our appreciation, love and caring for our whole school community.  Please do your best to make sure your child gets involved in these activities so that we can part for the summer still connected and looking forward to September.  

Last Day of School:  The last day of school is Wednesday, June 17th.  

Chromebooks:  The logistics of trying to have families return chromebooks and the need to  disinfect them  if we were to take them back would be an overload to our personnel and systems.  Therefore, any families that received a chromebook from the Gloucester Public Schools should keep them over the summer for use in the fall in case we return to some form of in-school/remote learning.  Keep the chromebook over the summer for use in the fall.  

Virtual Field Days/Olympics- Mrs. Hubeny, the Physical Education teacher has planned a virtual field day/olympics for all students and staff beginning on June 12th.  Each student will be on a team and they will be able to earn points over the course of June 12th, 15th  and 16th by doing certain physical and academic activities.  Much of this will be done over class dojo and through google classroom so make sure you are staying connected.  Mrs. Hubeny will be reaching out with more information in the coming days.  

Car parade ~ The Veterans’ school faculty and staff want to show our appreciation to all of our families by holding a car parade through our neighborhoods on June 12th we will be starting out from Vets around 10:00AM.  Make sure that you are outside your home so that we can wave to you and say hello (and goodbye).  We will be sending out the route over the next several days.  The car parade is for faculty and staff only.  

Virtual chorus concert ~ 1. This week students should still be practicing their concert repertoire (suggested or self selected song).

 2. Students should perform their song for their families this Friday 6/5.

 3. Families should record their children singing or playing their song and submit it on Monday 6/8 by email (preferably sharing via Google drive with sharing privileges) to Mrs. Nelson at

Take a family photo ~ We would like to see if we can get all Veterans’ Families to send us a photo of themselves wishing everyone a great summer.  You can send this to Mrs. Lambert at  She is going to put the photos into an awesome slideshow that we can share with you.  

Personal items ~ Because we left in such a hurry on March 13th, students left behind personal items in their desks and cubbies.  I am working on a plan for a contactless pickup for parents of these items and I will be letting you know how that will happen within the next few days.  

The Future!!  ~ All of us are wondering what school will look like in September.  We are currently waiting for the Department of Education to give us guidance on how to proceed.  The faculty and staff at Veterans’ are already working proactively to make sure that we are ready for whatever type of learning is recommended.  Honestly, it is pretty much all I think about right now!!  Therefore, over the summer, it is very important that you read all of your emails, listen to my phone calls and respond when we need you to respond so that you and your child are prepared for whatever comes our way in September.  Communication between the school and your home is going to be the key to our success.  

It’s amazing how much we have going on but I think it will be really important to be as involved as possible for your children.  We miss you and your kids so much!!  As always, I am available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.  The faculty and staff stand ready to assist you as well.  Take care and stay safe.  

Thank you,

Matthew J. Fusco
Matt Fusco




****** Message from the Superintendent ************

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am writing to inform you that last night, Wednesday, April 15, the Gloucester School Committee voted to keep school open next week. In effect, April Vacation has been cancelled and school will be in full remote session on Tuesday through Friday, April 21, 22, 23, and 24. Teachers will continue to reach out, conduct lessons, and provide schoolwork remotely.

Barring any further requirements from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, we anticipate that this will shorten the number of days school is in session in June.

Thank you,

Richard Safier, Superintendent 

School News 2019 - 2020

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September 17th - Professional Development Day - EARLY DISMISSAL 12:00 - No lunch is served 

September 23rd - PTO 7:00pm in library of school - Get involved with the parent/teacher organization.  The PTO is an important organization run by volunteers that through fund raising provide enrichment activities at Veterans' Memorial School.  

September 26th 6pm - OPEN HOUSE
    Come meet the staff at Veterans' Memorial School.  See your child's classroom and hear from their teachers what to expect for the school year.  This is an important time to make a connection with the staff and other parents.  Hope to see there.

Kindergarten Open House 5/28!

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One of our favorite days of the year is happening on May 28th!  That is when we hold our Kindergarten Open House for our incoming Kindergartners for the year 2019-2020!  All parents that have registered their child for next year's kindergarten class will be contacted by Ms. Davis over the next several days.  At the Open House, parents will get an overview of the Veterans' School's programs and curriculum.  It is also a time for parents to ask any questions that they may have for Mr. Fusco, Nurse Huie and Ms. Davis, the administrative assistant.  All questions are welcomed.  Please bring your child(ren) to this event as we will be showing them the K classrooms and doing some preliminary screening to help us with their placement for next year.  

5th Grade Mad Hot Ball

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The Grade 5 MAD HOT BALL is coming next Month on May 5th.  The Mad Hot Ball is a dance competition made up of 5th graders who have been training with Ms. Tina over the last several months.  It is held in the field house and it has become an amazing tradition for our fifth graders as they get ready to leave elementary school and make their way to the O'Maley Middle School.  


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Website for Math IN Focus

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Teaming up in the classroom

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Harvest Day photos - kids in the garden and enjoying what they harvested!

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Food Day at Veterans' in the news:

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